The project “GastroInklusiv” comprises a coherent set of activities to create an innovative model for inclusive teaching in professional vocational education:

Developing of an inclusive learning model for professional vocational education
The development of an inclusive learning model is a central component of our project. The partnership will define common learning objectives and content and develop learning materials on five topics in standard, plain and simple language. Didactic instructions will describe and enable internal differentiation in teaching and collaborative learning approaches for trainees with or without handicaps.

Testing the model in vocational schools
The Inclusive learning model, including methods and materials, will be tested in vocational schools, especially for its suitability for internal differentiation. The materials will also be tested by experts for simple language. Teachers in vocational schools will be advised and trained to work with the material.

Communication with stakeholders
Support from public administration and the business world are crucial to ensure that inclusion will to be successful in education and in the workplace. For this reason, we will engage companies, chambers of commerce, guilds, professional associations, social partners, vocational schools, universities/science/ research as well as public authorities and regulatory bodies in an intensive dialog within the framework of our project. We will also establish a strategic advisory board, which will advise and support the partnership in the implementation of the project.

Public relations/dissemination
The multiplier events are key dissemination activities. They are aimed at teachers in vocational training, enterprises and self-regulatory economic bodies, and trade associations, as well as education policy-makers and networks for inclusion. The products developed in the project will be made available on our website and other web platforms.

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